Meat Processing, Oils & Fats, Bakery & Dairy Technology

Hygienic production in the foodindustry:
Hardly any othersector is as multifaceted and subject to such strict legal regulations, regulations and controls as the food industry. Each food places specific demands on its production and processing, which the food tanks used must meet. With regard to the properties of the ingredients and hygiene, the tanks in meat processing must meet different requirements than dairy technology for milk processing or oil tanks for fats and oils.

We are in charge of the development and manufacture of containers for heating, cooling and stirring as well as pressure vessels and CIPsystems for the foodindustry.

Storage containers and tanks for the food industry

  • UHT systems

  • Drying systems

  • Sterile modules

  • Tanks, single-walled, double-walled, open, closed

  • Tank systems

  • Pressurised tanks

  • Tanks for heating, cooling, mixing

  • Heaters, Coolers